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Do We Need Religion to be Good People

Do We Need Religion to be Good People


G-d; Ethics, Good-Guys and Morality

Is morality dependent upon religion? Can you be good without G-d?

Some people insist that their goodness as human beings has nothing to do with “Divine” rules.  Others believe the only “good” people are those who practice religion – and in exactly the same way as they do.

This lecture will debunk your notions of goodness, morality, and religion.  You will experience a refreshing take on ego and altruism, and open a window onto living beyond your Self.




Do We Need Religion to be Good People?

G-d, Ethics, Good Guys and Morality

This live lecture deeply examines the notion of what it means to be “moral,” “ethical” and “good.”  The question is asked as to which is loftier – doing something because we subscribe to it or because we are told to comply.

You will be invited to re-examine your understanding of motivation and morality.  In the process, a space becomes available to let go of your own agenda and become larger than you ever dreamed possible.

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