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Well Over the Past

Well Over the Past


The Inner Dynamics of Forgiveness

We all have aspects of our past we wish we could change, even if it’s only regret for what we did not do. And often we want to move beyond a resentment but find that letting go is not that easy.

How do we get over the past and even transform it into a vital part of today?

This lecture shines a light on forgiveness in a way that will allow your heart to open and your life to move forward.



“Well Over the Past” is a live lecture that explores the inner dynamics of forgiveness.  It delves deeply into some the “Isms” of The Method such as “You’re programmed to fail,” “You’re big enough to fail” and “Plan B is the real plan A.”

You will learn why failure was built into reality in the first place, about the inner dimension of the Biblical copper snake, and the metaphysical dynamics of healing.

And you will discover the secret to moving beyond a grievance; the path to surrender; how to forgive others and how to forgive yourself.

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Our audio CD’s find their fullest expression in The Method, a practical approach to personal transformation rooted in ancient mystical teachings. See the full curriculum here or try our free Meet The Method module.



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