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Getting Along with the People you Love

Do you have a hard time liking the people you love?  Do you find yourself in relationships which are full of expectation, resentment, tension, or conflict?

Transform the way you define self-worth to gain a healthier perspective on your relationships.  Learn to get along with the people you feel closest to and resolve interpersonal conflict.




Isn’t it remarkable how much the love, understanding and connection we yearn for elude us?

But all is not lost: The mystics teach that the difficulties we face in our closest bonds with others are commensurate with the light and wonder they can bring into the world.

This live lecture will help you identify the core challenges that underlie your relationships – and no, they’re neither communication nor money problems; interfering friends nor annoying habits.  You will also discover the mystic secret that allows for true connection, and what you can do to resolve conflict, replenish your relationships and actually enjoy being with the people you love.

1+1=1 will show you how to tap into the radiant potential of all your relationships, transforming pain into deeply satisfying connection.

Format: 1 downloadable mp3 recording

Our audio CD’s find their fullest expression in The Method, a practical approach to personal transformation rooted in ancient mystical teachings. See the full curriculum here or try our free Meet The Method module.



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