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Will the Real Jewish Woman Stand Up

Will the Real Jewish Woman Stand Up


Recovering a View of Women in Judaism

The role of women in traditional Judaism is often grossly misperceived.  Males are viewed as patronizing at best and abusive at worst.

What stereotypes have you assumed about the role that women play in traditional Judaism?  Do you see women as being disempowered and misrepresented?

Discover what ancient Jewish sages really  thought of women and open the way to celebrate who you are within the context of your heritage.



Contemporary society often views the traditional role of Jewish women as being lowly and insignificant.

Is it true that Orthodox men view women as ignorant and weak, unworthy of holding positions of leadership and unable to express their own voice?

This lecture invites you to examine your assumptions.

How does Western secular society’s evaluation of public and private domains differ from that of Talmudic and mystical thinkers? How have cultural differences impacted your own perception of matter versus spirit? This live lecture explores these ideas plus more.

As you become conscious of the ethnocentric lens through which you look at the world, you will find that you have opened a gateway not only to your future but to a new relationship with your past.


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