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Quiet Mind Meditation

Quiet Mind Meditation


Clearing the Mental Static

Are your thoughts chaotic and uncontrollable?

Learn to observe your mental activity and create a space for proactive thought.




The Quiet Mind Meditation is one of 14 in the Power of Mindfulness series. In this meditation, we practice quieting our mind in order to allow mental space for visualization.
This is a preliminary practice to prepare you for training your mind.

This exercise should be done while sitting in a chair in a quiet environment.  You will need at least 10-20 minutes of time when you know you won’t be disturbed.  You can gradually increase this time to 30 minutes.

You may feel uncomfortable when you first begin this practice.  It’s difficult to realize how much your mind is out of your control.  As you continue with the exercise, you will become subtly but consistently more capable of focusing your mind.

This product includes 3 audio files:

  • An introduction to the meditation
  • The practical guided meditation
  • A full recording of both the introduction and the meditation



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