The Power of Mindfulness Meditation

The Power of Mindfulness Meditation

$22.00 for 6 months

Meditations to Shift your Life

What might be possible if you could master your mind?

Do you find your mind incessantly recycling destructive thoughts? Or wandering aimlessly from one subject to the next, unable to concentrate on the matter at hand? You CAN direct the flow of consciousness.

The mystics believe that meditation is not simply a means of relaxation, but a process of profound, constructive thought, introspection and focus.

Join a 14-week journey through the workings of your mind and discover the Power of Mindfulness Meditation.


The Power of Mindfulness Meditation

Meditations to Shift your Life

These 14 meditations will prepare you for meditation as practiced by the Jewish mystics.

The initial meditations begin by training you to be mindful of your own breath and take control of your breathing patterns. You then proceed to learning how to quieten and control the mind. With this basis, you are ready to experience the visualization meditations. Finally, we walk you through a few simple but profound meditations that explore concepts through the mind’s eye.

Receive the light and healing benefit of the following 15 meditations:

  1. Breath Meditation: Learn to breathe properly with focus and calm (20 min)
  2. Rhythm Meditation: Incorporate rhythm and sound into your focused breath (20 min)
  3. Ocean Meditation: Let the sound of ocean waves guide your breathing (12 min)
  4. Quiet Mind Meditation: Move away from breath to practice quieting your mind in order to allow mental space for the visualization meditations (6 min)
  5. Hush Eim Meditation: Employ the sounds of the Hebrew alphabet to allow your mind to modulate your heart and balance your soul powers (23 min)
  6. Rainbow Meditation: Experience your heart center through exploring the emotional powers of your soul. (30 min)
  7. Building Blocks Meditation: Complete your mental focus with a concept building exercise. (6 min)
  8. Divine Breath Meditation: Experience breath as a loving interchange between you and your Divine Source so as to access your Unwoundable Self (12 min)
  9. Divestment Meditation: Let go of attachment to your existence and begin to experience your identity (10 min)
  10. Flame Meditation: Practice visualization by observing rarefied matter in the form of a flame (14 min)
  11. Transformation Meditation: Employ your visualization of the flame in internalizing a profound analogy for the relationship of body and soul (20 min)
  12. Radiant Skin Meditation: Incorporate mystical concepts about skin and light (both pronounced “or” in Hebrew – though spelled differently) to generate harmony between body and soul (21 min)
  13. Offerings Meditation: Reframe the way you look at your life and stop cutting yourself down through visualizing your deeds as Divine offerings (9 min)
  14. Equanimity Meditation: Find inner balance and peace by maintaining a focus on G-d’s presence (13 min)

Click here to see all products in our Meditation category on one easy-to-read page. The Power of Mindfulness meditation package delivers all 14 meditations at the price of 13.

You will be given one week to practice each of each meditation. At the beginning of each week, you will receive an email with a link to a landing page for your new mindfulness exercise.  Each page includes 3 audio downloads:

  • An introduction to the meditation which provides brief instructions and explanations
  • The guided meditation for you to practice on its own
  • The complete file that combines the introduction and the meditation

These meditations are part of a year-long program called “The Method“, which we encourage you explore further. You can see the full curriculum of transformational Method modules here.



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