Divine Breath Meditation

Divine Breath Meditation


Inhale Confidence, Exhale Commitment

Did you know that the motions of breath have mystical connotations?

Experience the Divinity within your breathing through this powerful exploration of your identity.



The Divine Breath Meditation is one of 14 in the Power of Mindfulness series. This meditation assimilates a spiritual understanding of breath with our breathing practice. It incorporates a mental thought process about the nature of breath and the origin of life.

The Divine Soul  is described as being a part of the Creator rather than creation. We use two Biblical verses as a springboard for this breath meditation.  As you practice the meditation, you’ll allow these verses to carry your thought much like the current at the center of a river. We then bring a third teaching to mind adding to the concentration on the Divine life-force in our nostrils.

The Divine Breath meditation is one of the most loved and potent in our series, awakening each of us to our Unwoundable Self.

This product includes 3 audio files:

  • An introduction to the meditation
  • The practical guided meditation
  • A full recording of both the introduction and the meditation




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