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Flame Meditation

Flame Meditation


Recreating the Candle

We observe many things, but we rarely absorb them. Accurate perception of our experiences allows us to construct new realities in our minds.

Practice visualization techniques by observing rarefied matter in the form of a flame.




The Flame Meditation is one of 14 in the Power of Mindfulness series. It involves the practice of seeing.

It trains us to focus on observing rarefied matter in the form of a flame and practice looking at what is in front of us.  The goal is to refine and hone our sense of sight, using it to its fullest capacity.  This requires “forgetting” all we “know” about a flame and learning to look at it afresh.  We can then close our eyes and look at the flame with our minds eye.

These two perspectives give us access to various dimensions of the flame.  They also assist us in learning how to see.

Practicing seeing in this way liberates us because the condition of suffering arises primarily out of false perception. The accurate perception you discover through this meditation is a doorway into a truer, happier and richer life.

We recommend that you begin this meditation while sitting at a table and with a candle lit before you.  The meditation can be done during the day but is easier when done at night because the contrast between dark and light will help you to see the flame more fully.

This product includes 3 audio files:

  • An introduction to the meditation
  • The practical guided meditation
  • A full recording of both the introduction and the meditation



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