Transformation Meditation

Transformation Meditation


From Matter to Light

What can the combustion of a candle tell you about your purpose in life?

Employ your visualization of a flame to internalize a profound analogy for the relationship of body and soul.


The Transformation Meditation is one of 14 in the Power of Mindfulness series. It incorporates mystical concepts into a visualization exercise.  We will focus on observing rarefied matter in the form of a flame, then closing our eyes to look at the flame with our minds eye and finally, incorporating a conceptual understanding of the flame in relation to our life and purpose.

You may want to practice the Flame Meditation before practicing this one. The Flame Meditation provides a more detailed guide to the  first two aspects of the visualization of the flame. In this meditation, we will begin with quickly moving through the visualization of the physical flame and the image in your mind’s eye – and then incorporate the conceptual dimension of the flame as analogous for your life.  The meditation ends with a Breath of Thanks.

Once you are familiar with both meditations, you can do them as one extended meditation.

This product includes 3 audio files:

  • An introduction to the meditation
  • The practical guided meditation
  • A full recording of both the introduction and the meditation





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