Radiant Skin Meditation

Radiant Skin Meditation


Discover your Body of Light

We tend to perceive our bodies as coarse, shallow, impulsive and vain.

Reframe your perception with this powerful meditation and begin to view your body as a vessel for light.



The Radiant Skin meditation is one of 14 in the Power of Mindfulness series. It involves incorporating mystical concepts about refining your physical body into a visualization exercise. We begin by explaining the Kabbalistic correlation between the skin of the body and light.  We will use these concepts as mental building blocks during our Hitbonenut, or meditation practice.  We will mentally “gaze” at our physical being and “convert” it to light.

The Meditation is based on the Kabbalistic correlation between the words “skin” and “light” in Hebrew – both of which, although spelled differently, are sounded as Or.

In some respects, the Radiant Skin Meditation is an inverse process from the Divestment Meditation.  There we let go of our body, here we enter into it.

You can use this meditation to move beyond your sense of “self” as being identified with the body and into the soul itself.  This is also a useful meditation if you are working on overcoming physical desires, or if you want to commit to honoring your soul in your daily life.

This product includes 3 audio files:

  • An introduction
  • The practical guided meditation
  • A full recording of both the introduction and the meditation



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